The workshop is the heart of our bicycle shop and offers excellent bicycle servicing and repairs for bicycles of all types.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and are always happy to offer advice if you have a query about your bike too – quotes are always free of charge.

Drop by or call to book (0203 479 7003) for work as simple as a puncture repair or as involved as a full service – all carried out by our team of Cytech qualified mechanics.




Full Service £150

Simply the most finest, fullest service your bike has ever had and too many individual processes to list fully here.
Essentially a complete strip and re-build including all frame prep work. Your bike is lovingly dismantled into its constituent parts and every moving component is cleaned, serviced, reassembled, lubricated as required and fine-tuned. On completion your bike will work better than new. Includes paintwork finishing treatment.

Book a Full Service if: you’re giving a new lease of life to an old bike/ you’ve left it too long between services and it needs rescuing/you just really love your bike.


Standard Service from £65 (Single-Speed Service from £50)

Our most popular service! Keeps your bike running the happiest and lasting the longest when carried out regularly.

  • Inspection of parts for wear and safe operation
  • Brakes serviced and setup, including cleaning of braking surfaces
  • Gears serviced and setup including drivetrain cleaning and lubrication, or
    chain, cassette and chainrings replaced
  • Wheels trued in jig and/or spokes fitted
  • External bearing checks and adjustment: hubs, headset, bottom bracket
  • Fitting of any replacement parts
  • All components, bolts, pedals and accessories checked for secure fastening and lubricated
  • Tyres checked and inflated
  • Frame wipe down

*Full Bearing Servicing Work (hubs, headset, bottom bracket) additional cost, up to £30

Book a Standard Service if: it’s been a while since your bike last had some attention/your bike gets a fair

amount of use and you need it to be reliable/your bike has become noisy or is misbehaving


Basic Service from £40

If your bike needs just a little bit of love, is in a generally good state and doesn’t need much by way of parts; our Basic Service is just the job.

  • Inspection of parts for wear and safe operation
  • Brakes adjusted and setup
  • Gears adjusted and setup
  • Wheels trued in frame (minor truing only)
  • Headset checked and adjusted externally
  • Fitting of minor replacement parts only i.e. brake pads or cables
  • All component parts lubricated
  • All components, bolts, pedals and accessories checked for secure fastening
  • Tyres checked and inflated
    Book a Basic Service if: your bike is pretty new or has had a Standard Service in the last 6 months/is generally well looked after and ridden less frequently/is about to go for an epic ride, race or riding holiday


You can check out our full Servicing Menu and minor job prices here!